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first post: PaigeCook wrote: Could you please post some more examples? I am having trouble getti...

latest post: rickrat wrote: Here is a quick example. public class FileInstall { private IFi...

Mock Implementations

first post: denzilla wrote: I've touched on this in an issue, but I really need some informatio...

latest post: denzilla wrote: No comments on how this should be implemented?

Path class

first post: psmolinsky wrote: Hello, why there isn't abstraction for System.IO.Path class? It wou...

latest post: tathamoddie wrote: Send a pull request and I'll merge it down.

InvalidCastException when trying to GetFiles

first post: dfowler wrote: Am I doing this correctly? new DirectoryInfoWrapper(new DirectoryIn...

latest post: tathamoddie wrote: Fixed in latest NuGet.

Silverlight version

first post: johnnyjob wrote: Gents, are you going to create Silverlight version of this stuff? I...

latest post: tathamoddie wrote: No current plans. I don't work with SL at all, but you're welcome t...

Where's the NuGet for this?

first post: dcazzulino wrote: ;)

latest post: tathamoddie wrote: On NuGet.

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